Imbolc Sparks For Lovers & Singles

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4 min readJan 31, 2023

Sabbats are not formal milestones on the time line. It is always change. And the essence of it, the magic is that change, the desire for it must arise from within.

This is akin to dedication: the one who knows will always understand what it is about, it is impossible to explain to the ignorant.

The moment of the magic click of the spoke of the Wheel is personal for everyone. For some, this is the first smell of the spring wind, for others, it’s a passed session.

It can be the most inspiring and secret moment, literally changing the beating of your own heart. It can also be something very prosaic: the first salary in the coming year, from which it is time to set aside a certain amount for vacation in the summer.

One way or another, with Imbolc, the realization that spring will come is beginning to visibly, tangibly, tangibly and distinctly return to us. Warmth will come. The earth will wake up.

When the needle clicks, it strikes a spark of the Imbolk fire, the one in the light of which the real spring is already coming, the one that has been guessed in the eyes of witches since the beginning of February, burns on their altars.

Usually the fire of Imbolc is lit by the Priestess-mistress of the house, his Soul, the Guardian, but sometimes this honor is transferred to an honored female guest.

She can be of any age, both very adult and very young — the main thing is that the fire she brings inside burns hot.

Before lighting the candles on the altar of Imbolc, one must allow the heart to warm up. This is a very personal ritual, most of us follow this custom without being aware of it.

Someone bakes a traditional family pie, someone visits relatives, someone walks with a dog in the park longer than usual. The most trouble-free ways are to fall in love and keep warm.

You can not necessarily fall in love with someone, incarnate, in the desired. This is tenderness caught in the heart, this is permission to thaw yourself.

It overtakes imperceptibly, it is almost impossible to plan it, but it is possible to foresee it.

You can fall in love with a new acquaintance, you can — with an old love, you can — with an old friend, you can — with your own companion, you can — with yourself, you can — with a god and patron.

This is a moment of happiness to tears. If you catch him, if he happens in these pre-February days, then here it is, the feeling of Imbolc, a spark for the altar.

The second way is to warm up. If we warm ourselves from the inside with a spark of love, then here we go to look for warmth from the outside. On the coldest day before Imbolc, the gods will certainly let us warm up.

And not only to us: please note that at a double-digit sub-zero temperature, there will certainly be drops somewhere.

Warm up — to catch the moment of warmth. You don’t need much — the only moment when it’s suddenly hot. And if at this moment you raise your face to the sun, you will feel the kiss of heaven. Sun. That same spring.

By the way, Imbolk tan is the most insidious.

Put on your sunglasses and go down the slides or ice skate on a clear day. White circles around the eyes will stay with you until autumn.

This moment can be captured not only during the day. Sometimes, after a mug of scalding mulled wine, young witches jump out of coffee houses, throwing fur coats over their shoulders, without hats.

And they are ready to walk and fly around the city — and they are not cold, because that very spark, the spark of the coven, walks in the blood.

For those whose heart is free, Imbolc is the best time to feel the wings behind your back. Someone folded, someone only growing. The sky is still cold for flying, there is no clear goal yet.

But the one who listens to himself and the World, in Imbolc will feel how much easier paws began to step, how much closer the most distant countries became, how much more pleasant and smiling people are, how much closer something inexplicable and joyful is.

And in these moments we are — the sparks of Imbolc. We ourselves are beacons to which spring heavenly ships rule.



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