Integrity Damage of the Energy

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5 min readOct 5, 2021

Perhaps one of the most common questions asked by practitioners is damage to the integrity of the energy.

With a certain variety of manifestations, the symptomatology is practically the same for everyone: rapid fatigue, loss of strength, irritability, mood swings, internal or external aggression, sleep and rest disturbances (a person cannot regain strength during rest), decreased performance, general depression, apathy. And all this despite the fact that doctors shrug their shoulders and say to drink vitamins, considering a person “clinically healthy.”

To this can be added from case to case heaviness in the shoulders and neck, pain in the chest or chest area of ​​the back, absent-mindedness, headaches and other physiological symptoms. Their variability depends on the place, form and age of energy damage.

Against the background of this condition, a person may have problems with work and personal life. And he often addresses precisely these issues. But when considering the situation and detecting the above symptoms, it becomes clear that until this is corrected, there is no point in dealing with other issues.

The logic of this statement is obvious: a person who, by the middle of the working day, can no longer concentrate on business, falls asleep on the go, or breaks down on colleagues and clients is a bad employee. Even if you attract additional opportunities for earning to him, he will not be able to use them, and if he tries, he will deteriorate completely.

With personal life, the situation is similar: it takes time, strength, proper attitude. And with depletion of energy, this simply does not exist. And if you attract more attention of the opposite sex to a weakened person, then it can only get worse: he is worried, he will start chaotically trying to improve himself, taking away the last vital resources from the body, he will not achieve success, he will scare potential partners and fall into an even deeper depression.

Why does energy damage occur?

Contrary to popular belief, the evil eye, and even more damage, is far from the first place among the causes of the described condition. Moreover, deliberate purposeful sabotage magical influences in percentage terms are generally rare. In 80% of cases, a person copes with self-mutilation himself.

Lack of systematic care for your body, a stable daily regimen, work and rest, proper nutrition, an abundance of stress, neglected sluggish diseases and much more that surrounds us every day and seems natural — gradually undermines the health of both physical and energy bodies.

Add to this unfulfilled ambitions, anxieties, destroyed desires, confusion of moral and ethical guidelines, unformed perception of the world (its fragmentation, confusion in worldviews) — that is, everything that creates disharmony within a person.

And after a while, the person will begin to self-destruct. Some are faster, some are slower.

How to deal with this condition?

Unfortunately, when the energy sector is already in a damaged state, it is extremely difficult to cope with the misfortune on your own: simple fumigations may no longer help and give only temporary relief. In case of damage, complex work is required, when — speaking conditionally — a bandage is applied to the wound and help to patch up.

There are probably many ways to fix this thoroughly, but we love, know and respect working with software bracelets.

Such bracelets are of several types:

For protection (also several options, depending on the situation) — create a protective barrier around the owner, in order to prevent further deterioration of the situation, reduce the level of influence of external aggressive influences, strengthen the natural defense system of a person. They can be compared to plaster cast, which protects the broken leg, allowing it to heal.

For recovery (modified according to the situation) — help to clean out excess negativity, start a program for restoring energy, gradual healing of damaged areas, add strength and energy.


By itself, this problem is easier to prevent than to fix it yourself (often, in the presence of energy damage, prevention no longer helps). There are several basic rules that every healthy person should follow:

Monitor purity: body and spirit
Coming home from the street, we take off our shoes and wash our hands. This is taking care of the physical body. When you come home or at the end of a long day and before a shower, you should light up an aroma stick and fumigate yourself with its delicious smoke — this is taking care of the energetic body.

Also, do not forget that even simple meditation and a delicious soothing evening tea are a guarantee of peace of mind and integrity, especially at a time when everyone is running somewhere, rushing and our life is filled with stress.

Keeping an eye on balance: the environment
If you have people who whine too much and all this is in your direction, or people who envy you, then it is better to limit the number of contacts with them to a minimum (if you cannot completely refuse to communicate). Healthy human relationships are when people are interested in developing each other. Everything else destroys us.

Monitor health
The physical body and the energy body are very closely related to each other. And damage at the energy level eventually manifests itself at the physical level, and damage on the physical … Well, you get the idea. For this reason, we drink soothing teas at the end of the day, do not forget to eat, between sleep and work and choose sleep and make sure that our body gets all the vitamins it needs.

All this seems obvious things, but often no one considers it necessary to do the obvious things.

So take care of yourself and do not get sick.



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