You’re Okay

The Daily Witch
2 min readJun 14, 2022


If I were asked about a phrase worthy of becoming the phrase of the year, I would answer:

You are okay.

Everything is fine with you, even if you do not develop, do not study, do not build a business or relationships. This does not mean that you are degrading.

It’s just that periods of the active phase always alternate with periods of energy accumulation. This is how nature created it.

You’re fine when you’re jealous, competitive, and comparing yourself to others or even to yourself. We have an evaluative nature, we realize ourselves through other people, their feedback.

It is important for us to be reflected in their eyes. Otherwise, how to understand “who am I” and “where am I”?

You’re okay when you resist change. Perhaps you have been building the balance of today for so long that when everything settles down, you just want to be in it.

You’re okay if you’ve been wrong many times, missed opportunities, disappointed in expectations, hurt and hurt yourself.

We are not robots to calculate everything and absolutely control ourselves. There were consequences. You Passed It.

It’s okay with you if you’re afraid of losing someone or something. So this or that has a lot of value for you.

You’re okay when you’re worried. It’s just that there’s too much uncertainty around you that you can’t process at once.



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